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We thought it was only possible in cartoons. To take a “hole” and move the hole across a surface of an object. Until Now. Will Tsai has taken that portable hole, and made it a reality with holely card trick.

Take out a playing card or business card, have your spectator sign it, then you punch a hole into one corner of the card. While your spectator is holding firmly onto the card, while you visibly MOVE the hole ACROSS the signature, from one end of the card to the other. What a magic trick!

The spectator can now keep the card, moved hole and all.

Again…Picture this; you take out a playing card, business card or other card-like object and punch a hole into it with your trusty hole punch. You have a spectator hold onto the card while you pinch the hole between your fingers and visibly move it, from one end of the card to the other ACROSS the signature. The spectator can now keep the card, moved hole and all for an amazing card trick

This is Holely.

• No Duplicate Cards.
• No Magnets.
• No Rubber Cement.
• Spectator Signed Card.
• Spectator Holds card while hole is being moved.
• Nothing but you, your cards, your hole punch.

You can even have the spectator sign the card before you begin, and where it home around their neck.

Will Tsai is fast becoming a name to be reckoned with in the world of magic, and with Holely, he only strengthens that reputation.

Impressive. Try it for yourself.

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