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Create pure smoke from your hands.

Pure Smoke by Jason Brumbalow is really a complete 180 from standard tricky magic tricks.

You will be able to produce smoke out of your bare hands or palms whenever you want anytime. Heavy, vaporous smoke…. and SAFE.

The smoke is actually water-like vapor and is also HARMLESS. Read beneath for the methods Pure Smoke surpasses everything on the market right now, making smoke production simple, safe and a work of genius.

Full Overview

Individuals have been raving over the sleek black system since we launched a sneek peak at MagicLive in Las Vegas. Pure Smoke has earned praise and recognition from a number of the world finest magical minds such as David Copperfield, Cyril Takayama, Nathan Burton, Jeff McBride, Jon Pendragon, Michael Weber, Bill Malone, Mathieu Bich, Eric Jones, Daniel Garcia, Calen Morelli… the list goes on and on.

The movie demo only shows some of the tricks you are able to perform with Pure Smoke. You are able to create a million uses… including comedy…. for example make smoke pour from some poor man’s coat… or from a lady’s handbag! Pull off some dude’s shoe and smoke comes billowing out… try running miles in THAT guys sneakers!

Of course the strength of Pure Smoke is in using it in order to increase the effects that you simply already perform.

Fact List

Very, very safe water-like vapor.

No harmful or corrosive chemicals.

Immediately repeatable. No reset.

White smoke included, over 850+ puffs of smoke.

COLORED smoke just around the corner! (Black smoke, Red smoke, Blue smoke, Yellow smoke, Green smoke). Could you imagine BLACK smoke when you carry out a color change with white cards?

Why it truely does work:

The main reason Pure Smoke works so well is really because your crowd is not only witnessing a card effect or coin effect, they’re being taken to a place that until recently was just obtainable in the movies. No more will you be an individual who knows some card effects, the good news is you’re taking them to a place where apparently ANYTHING can happen.

The Pure Smoke system is a serious upgrade over practically every smoke delivery system in the marketplace for a good reason: It’s smaller, simple to use, economic and also the smoke it produces is mystical and bizarre – it appears like it’s straight from a computer-animated fantasy .

If you are looking to learn pure smoke, download pure smoke dvd, or get pure smoke tutorial then click the “learn pure smoke” button below or above. Impress your friends today with magic tricks.






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